P.O. Box 232 • Onset, MA 02558 • 508.776.2542

Barnabas is there to show people the operation and supervise the growing and distribution of the shellfish at the farm site

Indian Cove Aquaculture
Owned and operated by Dale & G. Michael Besseß

With over 60 years of experience in the seafood industry, starting as Schroeder & Besse Oyster Company in the mid 1900's. Indian Cove Aquaculture is located in Wareham Massachusetts on the waters of Buzzards Bay near the Cape Cod Canal. Indian Cove has natural spring waters flowing into the cove and combining with the cool clear saltwater of Buzzards Bay produces the sweet briny taste that people have come to love.

The farm raised oysters and quahogs from Wareham and Onset have been shipped all over the United States and are known for their quality and flavor.

Indian Cove Aquaculture is licensed through the State of Massachusetts, Division of Marine Fisheries.




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